The winding path
Date: 9/29/05 at 9:29PM Modified: 9/29/05 at 9:53PM
So where was I? I’m actually trying to get something written so my friends and family know what’s been happening.

I’ll try to summarize the last 8 months or so. Back in January, I recognized that I could no longer juggle my responsibilities as pastor and father. At the time, I had six children between the ages of 1 and 12, with #7 on the way. Also, at the time, I was trying to discern the vision God had for our little church. So, I shared with the church my intentions to find a “non-pastoral” job in March and God blessed with an IT position in May. Sharon and I began the process of house-buying in June, and had Logan Heathe in July. Also in July, we bought a 15-passenger van for our growing family. In August, we signed initial papers for our acreage, and in September, we began moving.

So what does all of this have to do with God, and how does this change the ministry God has for us? Well, we’re thankful God is the one and only sovereign Lord. We’re also thankful for the number and variety of people for whom God has used us to demonstrate the truth and grace of Jesus Christ. Many of these individuals God loves are people with whom we had no previous contact.

While we look for another pastor, God has continued to give me the opportunity, desire, and strength to preach and teach about twice each month.

I’d like to share more about God’s ministry in and through my family in my next posting.

Until then, by God’s grace, — the Paulsonian