A Few Defining Moments
Date: 10/1/05 at 1:06AM

Aack! I was about to post an entry I had been working on since about 9 PM while reloading a PC for a customer, and I hit the wrong key. (Sigh.) It could have been worse. I could have been William Tyndale losing the first translation of the Old Testament into English.
Anyway. I’ll try to make this quicker and better this time around. Last post, I said I would mention how God had been working through my family, I think. But, Uncle Dave Leach posted a response to my first entry, and wondered about Dandelion End. BTW, Dave, you can look up the definition to “abstruse” at this link:


Since he was right (that Dandelion End was a hard to understand reference), I’ll explain.
First, unlike many American homeowners, we actually like the little yellow weeds, especially when presented as a “bo-kay” by a little boy. So, for that reason, as well as the next, we’ve named our place “Dandelion End”.
The second reason we like dandelions, and why we’ve named our place thusly, is because of the spiritual parallels. I can think of at least two.
Here’s one. Like Uncle Dave said, many “thinking” people approach life with a man-centered (God-absent) viewpoint, a la evolution. Because of that, when Christians present the Biblical viewpoint of six days and a young earth, people often try to squash the weeds of thought. But, like dandelions, we keep coming back. And, there are many places in God’s Word where we are reminded that, by His grace and enablement, we ought to “keep coming back”. Read I Peter. Read Philippians 2:13.

Here’s a second spiritual lesson from the dandelions. “Grow where you are planted”. It is easy to think that the grass is sweeter, the ground is softer some other place. It isn’t. Remember, God is a Sovereign God, and He has planted us where we are. He has allowed and directed events in our lives. Even Hurricane Katrina. Even Hurricane Rita. Even the parents that raised us, or the children He gave us.

As for ourselves, God has given Sharon and me 7 wonderful children to raise. (See update on About page–2016).  By God’s grace, they are a large part of our ministry right now.
Well, after all of that, I need to head for bed. Lots of work ahead of us tomorrow (Saturday).

Oh, and one other term to define. Some may wonder why I sign off as “the Paulsonian”. It’s a nickname given to me by my good friend from high school, John Kerby.
John, May God draw you nearer to Himself each day, wherever you are!
‘Til next time — the Paulsonian


3 thoughts on “Getting up to speed – Part 4

  1. Micah and Heidi:

    Thanks, friends. Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. I am humbled to know that others are learning from our walk with the Lord. It is an added blessing to the gift of learning he has given us. By God’s grace, we will continue share.

  2. What an encouraging email to start the day~To see such a God-centeredness in all of life is exactly the kind of thoughts that stir us up and press us forward. Said so many times before, we so appreciate getting peeks into your walk together with the Lord, as it is an opportunity to watch God work~ and He does GOOD WORK!! So easy it is to miss God’s handiwork as we focus on the everyday insignificants instead of the every moment miracles as God directs and molds through each moment. Thank you for sharing. May God continue to bless in ways seen and unseen.

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