This is what I want for my family.

I was just thinking about family worship the other day, as January 18th was my dad’s birthday.  He would have been 84 this year.  Every day of the week, except for Sunday, it was the one time of day we were all together as a family.  We read from Scripture.  We read from a devotional.  We prayed.  Everyone of us prayed.  It probably didn’t take much more than 20 minutes of our time.  For several hundred years, the idea of the “family altar” was a part of the church covenant, one of those commitments members agree to abide by.  In our church, First Baptist of Granite Falls, MN, it is still there.  I must confess, it has not been what I’ve wanted it to be, lately.  But there’s hope, and there is grace.

Also, make note of the comment section of the linked post.  Some great comments are made with regard to singles by singles.