Recently, I noticed a few hits on this particular page, and realized, oops, I don’t have anything here to let people know who I am in the blogosphere (or in real-time, either). So, read on. (Be sure to click on the “Where Have We Been” link at the bottom of the page)

As of November 2009 (2014),(2016) I am a God-fearing man of 42, 47, 49, a husband to the same wonderful woman (Sharon) for 20 25 27 years, a father to eight (!) children, and a signalman (a signal maintainer since 2012) for one of the nation’s class I railroads.

I was a pastor for seven years, and a paid IT guy (computer geek) for 12 years. I’ve also worked construction, and have been published as a writer. I’ve been involved as a trainer (other than for my own children) and an educator at various points along the way over about 15 years. I have been blogging, now, for ten years.

My family and I live on a 10-acre “hobby” farm in Southwestern Minnesota. We have egg-laying hens, a few goats, some sheep of several varieties, a few cows, and a few dogs, including two Newfoundlands, a few pigs, and several cats.

I enjoy my work, and I love my family, but most importantly, I delight in my Shepherd, the God of the Bible. Living to praise and glorify my Savior, Jesus Christ, God the Son, is my chief end. Yes, I have played sports, and have even been a sports writer, and yes, I enjoy music, and play a number of instruments. But, with 8 children, in ages 14 to 6 months (as of 2014, ages 22 to 8, with a great son-in-law, and a joyous grandson),(as of 2016, ages 24 to 10, including two married daughters, two excellent and Godly sons-in-law, and two grandchildren) and an acreage, my life stays pretty busy just working, investing time with my family, and helping out with church. And, I am always reading, whether it be my Bible, or blogs, or Brian Jacques, or C.S. Lewis, or John Piper, or poetry, or Puritan writers. Or most any other beneficial, conservative reading material. (I also enjoy John Steinbeck, J.R.R. Tolkien, and G.K. Chesterton.)

Oh, and did I mention? We (!) home school. I say, we, but actually, Sharon obviously is the primary teacher.

There you have it, for now. It’s not exactly in a nutshell, but, it’s who I am. More than I had here yesterday.

Scott Paulson, a.k.a DandelionSmith
Around 2012?

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Where Have We Been?



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