On this page, dear reader, I try to explain some underlying principles governing my thoughts From Dandelion End.  I offer these explanations in an effort to stem inane comments, on the one hand, and confused looks on another hand.  I suppose this is an attempt at answering the question, “Why do you say the things you say?” or the question, “Why do you approach the problem or issue from that odd direction?”

Having given the previous explanation, and delineated the following particulars, I must also make one more addition.  Though I trust the contents of these pages will truly be of help to others, it is also by these pages I attempt to articulate my views on theology, agrarian life, and the life God has given to me in all of His tender mercies.  Most of all, I trust all that I write, wherever I write, will bring glory to God rather than dishonor his name.

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