Sights while dog walking

Yesterday, I posted a photo of the expansive skies we often see in rural Minnesota. Today’s photo is the sunrise peeking above the horizon before yielding to the clouds.

On the horizon, I can see several turbines from the local wind farm. What pleases my eyes more, however, is the wildlife the dogs and I see along the way. Sometimes, it is because of a dog that I see the critters.

Often, when any of us walk the dogs, the leashes stay at home. The nearest neighbors are about a mile in either direction, we live on a graveled township road, and this is mostly a crop-farming area (versus pasture land). Because of yesterday, however, I decided to leash the dogs for today’s walk. The collie has incredible hearing, and the other dog, a mix of cocker spaniel and Cavalier King Charles, has a good nose. Both of them detected a deer walking, then running, and they both gave chase across the field of inches-high corn. I called them, and clapped my hands in the pattern I use for getting their attention, and I saw them turn and give up pursuit. But I’m not entirely sure I was the cause, because the deer had jumped the ditch.

The deer in motion was a beautiful sight, but I was glad for calm interaction with the smallest neighbors. A sniff greeting to a few toads, and a head toss to the killdeer’s chirruping was much better to see on a quiet Sunday morning.