Maybe the poles are shifting…

So here it is, the tenth of April in southwest Minnesota, and the weather forecast is for 24″-36″ this weekend. Although, it is the time of year when temperatures normally melt the snow more quickly, that much will take awhile. If it does melt quickly, then we can expect a flood. But I’m getting ahead of the storm. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

We already picked up extra bread and milk, and the freezer and cupboard has food. I refilled the Kerosene supply for the portable heater, and we have extra batteries for the flashlight (electric torch for the readers on the other side of the pond, or so I hear).

This is the sort of weather that makes many people in flyover country skeptical of the whole global warming science. Oh, wait, that’s right. It’s climate change. Except maybe it isn’t. See, just sixteen years ago, we were living in Granite Falls, and we saw 24″ in one storm. And, every farmer within spitting distance can tell me of a nasty Spring storm that changed an early planting into a late winter. Also, I recall building snow forts all season long.

Then again, I’m not a scientist; just an observational bystander.

UPDATE! As I write, the better half of my wedded bliss received a message from our eldest. Apparently, so the report was,

the affected area will receive 1″ to 2″ of precipitation. Whether that precipitation will be in the form of rain or snow will vary.

Since 1″ of rain equals 12″ of snow, the forecasters are hedging their bets. Maybe?

I’m not getting out the snow shoes yet. I’m also not getting out the pool.