Six on Saturday — May 23, 2020

Last week, I decided to join the fun over at The Propagator blog in the “Six on Saturday” challenge. I hope to blog more again, and this is a fairly easy way to restart.

Today, I have six more.

The first photo is a strawberry container planted by my son, Lincoln. The pansies are a nice balance to the milk can that survived the fire that consumed one of our out buildings a few years ago.

Next, I am highlighting the lined burlap cloth planting bag. Sharon planted fennel, a cherry tomato, a baby basil, and a gnome flower (a star-shaped green plant barely visible above the dirt). The location up near the house makes it easier to select for the table.

Last week, I showed a photo of where the tomato hedge was planned. Since then, the temperature warmed enough with no further frost threat to actually plant the tomatoes. Sharon’s garden helpers, a.k.a the boys, added marigolds for aesthetics. She also planted basil and fennel as tomato companions. Some say these neighbors improve the taste of the tomatoes. As to the variety, the tomatoes are a mixture of heritage plants sold as a mixture at Lou’s Greenhouse.

Sharon’s “red-neck” greenhouse, below, contains three large chives (plain, garlic, and onion), leaf lettuce, spinach, sweet onion, and basil. Asiatic lilies (to the left) and Day lilies (to the right) front the tire.

At one corner of the patio, Sharon planted a weeping pussy willow, a gift of our son, Leif.

Finally, today, I am highlighting our Tamarack (Larix laracina) tree. We have photo proof of the centenarian’s age, and I read just this morning this is a rarity because of the larch sawfly. What I like about it, besides the brightness brought by a rainy day, is the fact it is the only conifer in Minnesota that sheds all of its leaves each Autumn.

That’s my six! Be sure to check out more sets of six at today’s post at The Propagator (link above).

Have a blessed Memorial Day!