Water Works

“The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft a-gley”

–From To A Mouse, by Robert Burns 


Ahoy, there! I had intended, this week, to continue the essay on work I began last Wednesday. You may remember I wrote about The Origin of Work. I had intended to continue today with “What is work?”. I know, it seems like a simple question. I may be thinking too hard, but it really is a little more complex. Anyway, for various reasons, I plan to finish it by Friday, and then post it next Wednesday.

One of the reasons is the warming temperatures. I certainly do not mind feeling temps in the 60’s, with temperatures in the 80’s predicted for Saturday. However, this did cause a very quick melting of the 18″ of snow we received a week and a half ago. A few photos are below.

Field and Stream
Skiff Races
Draining the grove

As you can see through the trees, we have an intermittent water hazard. Normally, a field drain intake drains the water into the drainage ditch. But, every once in awhile, the intake or the field tile doesn’t thaw soon enough, and the water follows the low ground of the old creek bed.

The upper end of our property wasn’t draining properly this year, either, and will likely need a culvert installed. In the mean time, work with a shovel and a pick axe gets the water flowing. Thankfully, we still had time to do a little makeshift boating.

We have made adaptations, naturally, since we don’t normally have a creek flowing this close to the house. The poles my son and I are using in the photos have a former life as step-in fence posts for temporary electric fence lines. My skiff is a ice-fishing sled, and my son is using a 30-gallon animal waterer.

Make hay (or family time) while the sun shines.