The Seventh Commandment

Once again, this is an eye-opening sermon. Indeed, I don’t think I have, in all my 50 years, heard such beautiful, insightful, convicting, and comforting sermons on the Ten Commandments. The rest of the law expanded on The Ten Words, and Jesus, in His earthly ministry, gave us additional insight.

Here, as in the previous sermon, and the sermon on the eighth commandment to follow, we are reminded that the commandments are interwoven with each other. In listening, we also begin to better appreciate the weight of Jesus’ words in Matthew 22. Loving God with all of our heart and all of our soul and all our mind is the great and first commandment. And violation of the seventh commandment flows from disobedience of the first commandment. Yet, one’s violation of the seventh commandment is also an indication of the hardness of one’s heart (mine or yours) towards the second “great” commandment of Matthew 22, that we “shall love your neighbor as yourself”. On these two, Jesus says, “depend all the law and the prophets”.

But I digress. Dr. Ryan Martin speaks quite eloquently without further introduction.

An introduction and order of service.

Audio of “No Adultery”.

I mention this on Wednesday’s post concerning the continuation of the topic of work, but I have provided these links with permission.