Look ahead

I was reading in Lamentations 1 (ESV) the other day, and I came across verse nine. It reads this way: “Her uncleanness was in her skirts; she took no thought of her future, therefore her fall is terrible…” Regardless of what, precisely, the first phrase means, I thought it was interesting that Jeremiah (the author of Lamentations) points out the importance of Israel’s thought life.

Would that I should remember this principle: Failure in thinking leads to failure in deed, and by failure, I mean sin. If Abraham had thought of the future, perhaps he wouldn’t have told Pharaoh the deception that Sarah was his own sister. I say, deception, because, as he points out on the second occurrence, Sarah was, in fact Abraham’s half-sister. But I digress. Taking no thought for the future judgment leads an unbeliever to scorn the faithfulness of God’s justice. Taking no thought for the future glory of God leads a believer to despise the goodness of God.

Were we to think ahead, to take thought of the future, perhaps, by God’s grace working in us both “to will and to do” of God’s good pleasure, we would be more ready to choose what is right.