Food for thought

On Dandelion Day (our family’s made-up annual holiday), one of the gifts I received was the book pictured. It is ”The Writer’s Map”, edited by Huw Lewis-Jones, c2018 Thames & Hadson Ltd, London and printed by The University of Chicago. Hardcover, 256pp.

I have been working through the book for a little more than two weeks. But, even before I’ve finished reading, I can highly recommend it. Maps I’ve never even heard of before are included, from Medieval Britain and Europe and the Vikings to the 20th century. A few of Tolkien’s maps are here, in various stages of development, including one laid out on graph paper to better calculate plausible travel distances for The Hobbit. They look authentic.

Not only are the maps informative and delightful, the chapter texts are thoughtful and enjoyable. Chapters are written by map enthusiasts, fiction authors, and cartographers.

The book is definitely food for creative minds, whether inspiration for non-fiction writing, or for writers of make-believe worlds and people.