Perhaps some of what the reader sees here is, in truth, pure drivel.  Never the less,  I offer it in what I hope is humility of spirit, knowing that  he who has ears to hear will hear the truth of Scripture herein contained.  Where I have failed to clearly express the intent of Almighty God, I confess my error.  Where I succeed in communicating with crystal clarity, I humbly thank the Holy Spirit of God for His teaching and direction. May these words gathering dust and cobwebs be used to the glory of God.

Probably, I would preach these passages differently now, but except for typographical or grammatical errors, I have not edited the content.  I have chosen, rather, to let them stand as they were originally written and delivered.  For it is helpful for me, at least, to see how and where I have changed, if at all.  And, perhaps, it may be helpful for others to see this, as well.  Two further notes are in order. First, these are not a word-for-word record of what I actually said, since I tend to extemporize a little during the oral delivery of my sermons.  Secondly, it became apparent that a few of these documents are very short.  For whatever reason, the rest of the sermon is not extant.